How to bring al fresco dining indoors
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How to bring al fresco dining indoors

When it comes to glorious weather, we’re obsessed, especially as it means we get to enjoy dinner, drinks and merriment outside. Epic BBQs, elegant garden parties, intimate courtyard dinners for two; whatever your al fresco style, the fun shouldn’t stop when (inevitably) the weather turns. Here’s how to keep outdoor dining alive, whatever the weather.

Seaside feasting
There’s nothing quite like dining with a view of the sea. Okay, if home for you is an urban apartment, we can’t quite conjure up a sea view (we’re good, but we’re not that good). Topping your dinner table with the likes of the  Laura pasta bowls can help bring a splash of the ocean to your next feast, though. The Aphaea sea green dinnerware set has similar nautical vibes – you can even mix and match the two for a bold combination of refreshing watery blues and seaweed greens. As for cutlery, the Lenna’s gracefully curved design, in a smooth matt finish, keeps the scheme flowing nicely and ensures you can devour your dinner with ease.

Garden-like gathering
If it’s raining outside and you want to bring that garden barbeque feeling back, the first place to start is with a great dining table . Just like you would with an al fresco dinner party, gather your guests around it with a cocktail or two. The Ellis is a popular choice for larger affairs – its natural textured top is big enough to seat six people for dinner, or more for casual snacks and drinks. If it’s a quiet spot for two that you’re after, however, the Niklas’  round top will bring an intimate courtyard vibe to culinary experiments.

Sit with nature
An abundance of natural textures is a great way to bring the outdoors inside and seating is an easy win on this front. From the rustic charm of the Greene mango wood and iron dining chairs, to the super-sleek crafted Cherry chair in walnut , you can show off the undeniable beauty of wood with ease.  Alternatively, give natural textures a Contemporary country edge with a seat like the Diego. Based on the classic Windsor chair, but updated with a steel frame, they’re a great way to complement a beautiful wooden table – plus, if the weather is behaving, they look great in the garden, too.

Totally tropical
Something we’ve been obsessing over for a while now is plants. Plants, plants and MORE plants. Seriously, more is more. Put them everywhere – on top of your dining room storage, in the kitchen, heck – dedicate a shelving unit entirely to the little beauties. This is literally bringing the outdoors inside and has been shown to have a whole load of health benefits. From temperature control to improving air quality indoors, plants have some serious power. Personally, we love Patch, who can tell you which plants to use in each room and will deliver your urban jungle right to your door.

If you’re a bit of a plant-killer, however (happens to the best of us), you might want to opt for something that requires less attention. The Aura table lamp is ideal for this. Its tropical-themed shade immediately injects a jungle vibe into the room, come rain or shine. Iron legs help team the indoor/outdoor theme nicely with a bit of a juxtaposition. Now all we need is a hammock and a cocktail – yes, indoors!

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