Bold bedroom pieces to change your morning
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Bold bedroom pieces to change your morning

Listen up. We’re on a mission to transform your morning routine. We know how hard early starts can be, so we want to make them a little more bearable. Enter our new bedroom pieces. Bold, graphic and bound to make you leap out of bed in the morning.

Okay, maybe they won’t quite do that (we can’t work miracles) but they’ll certainly serve as a dashing backdrop as you slowly open your eyes.
So, to celebrate getting a great night’s sleep with national bed month, we invite you to grab your caffeine fix and let us ease you into the day with these bedroom heroes.

Shelf life
Wake up to courageous shapes and smart storage. We asked our designers how they come up with their ideas, and they told us that the drawings often start with a circle and a square – the rest follows from there. Well, this time they seem to have left it at that with the Kirby and we think the result is a little bit of design genius.
Angular shelves meet a striking circular mirror, with a hidden compartment to boot. This is proof that a simple idea can make an impact. It bolts on to the wall, so you can grab the bits and bobs you need first thing, while you check your ‘just rolled out of bed’ reflection. Okay, you might want to avoid that last bit.

Vanity space
Close your eyes and think of your dream dressing table. Now open them. The Belle may not be exactly what you were imagining but we think it’s pretty awesome.
Our designer’s obsession with arresting shapes continues – simple yet striking curves define a compact vanity space that’ll bring some Mid-Century charm to your morning routine.
There’s also a handy drawer – we love the pop of pink on the dark mango version – to help you keep things tidy. Maybe.

Top of the ladder
Whatever your schedule, storage solutions like the Konrad make planning your outfits that little bit easier. This simple, multi-functional design is as handy as it is handsome, and makes a great place to sling your clothes at the end of the day. A tidy wardrobe is overrated anyway.

Wake up like this
Who do you wake up to in the morning? Whoever it is, do they look as good as the Roland? Seeing this handsome beast first thing will make your morning alarm feel a little less brutal.
An industrial steel frame with spacious wooden drawers – this blend of materials creates a solid nightstand that somehow manages to look light and airy. Who knew you could get a nightstand with storage that looked so light and airy.

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