How to choose the perfect bedside table
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How to choose the perfect bedside table

It’s a universally acknowledged fact that the bedroom isn’t just a room – it’s a sanctuary. It’s where you do your best reflecting and recharge those batteries. So it’s no surprise that whenever we talk about bedroom design at Swoon, we get all glassy-eyed and start dreaming about Sunday lie-ins.

“I’m knackered” seems to be the phrase of the moment. So we’re on a mission to help make sleep spaces work hard so that you a great night’s sleep. With that in mind, we’ve always been firm believers in the importance of selecting the best furniture possible for your sleeping space. We spend a third of our lives in bed (the rest of the time we’re usually out obsessing about some sort of interior find – obviously). So here’s a quick guide on how to choose the right bedside companion for you.

Size up your snoozer
When picking out a bedside table, the height of your bed is a primary consideration. Want to keep your mug of tea within easy reach? Make sure the top of your nightstand is roughly in line with your mattress, or a little higher. Come Monday morning, you’ll be smacking that snooze button like a pro – no flailing required.

Sleep in style
Your bedside table is probably the first and last thing you see each day, so whatever your personal style, make sure it’s pleasing to the eye. We’ve always been a bit obsessed with tiered drawers and tapered legs, which breathe Scandinavian charm into your bedchamber, while hand-carved wooden features and curvaceous corners are ideal for a continental, arty chic look.

Clear for calm
Waking up and tucking in are both parts of a daily routine, but they’re also rituals that require a clear mind. For this, you need a neat space. You might be after a small chest of drawers for folding away your favourite nightwear. Or perhaps it’s something with an open shelf or cubbyhole to keep your best reads in check. A simple surface is also key here – something you can artfully place your lamp and night-time essentials on without it looking scruffy. Whatever your nocturnal needs, make sure your bedside table keeps your sleeping zone ultra zen and tidy.

Inside the box
Bedside storage need not be purely functional – you can (and should) have fun with it. It’s also worth re-imagining your space in a way that fits with the overall aesthetic of your home. The adventurous and well-travelled of us might like to introduce a Boho vibe, for example, and storage boxes, square trunks, and wooden chests make great alternatives to conventional bedside tables to achieve this look. 

Get creative
Pared-down dining chairs and flat-seated stools are a creative addition to your bedside and they can also multi-task as an extra perch should the need arise. We’ve got a thing for Industrial stools like the Tuscan and Welles, which – aside from being beautifully earthy – add rustic, yet elegant charm to any space.

Light it up
And if you’re on a bit of a roll with your bedroom overhaul, you could even hang a contemporary pendant above your nightstand, spotlighting its beautifully crafted design features during the hours of darkness like a work of art. 

Looking for inspiration? Browse our full range of bedside tables.

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