How to choose the perfect sofa
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How to choose the perfect sofa

Looking for the perfect sofa is a bit like dating. Finding ‘the one’ is tough. You’ve got to look forward to coming home to it every day, you wake up to it every weekend and it’ll need to see you through all of the triumphs and tragedies that life throws at you. It’s a big commitment.

To make sure you find your perfect match, we’ve got a few tips to help you get started.

Compromise is key
Firstly, consider your audience. If you’ve got pets running riot or kids on the loose, the hand-carved French Rococo number is probably a no. And even if you’re flying solo, a hectic social life can catch you off-guard with a house full of guests at a moment’s notice so something simple and accommodating like the Tivoli is a great choice.

Seek the comfort you need
Nothing beats a post-roast snooze on the sofa – unless the idea of lying on your couch is far from relaxing. Comfort is a really personal thing, but the following pointers should help:

  • It’s what’s on the inside that counts  – Feather-stuffed, loose back cushions make for a sumptuous seat, while foam provides a firmer, more supportive feel. If you’re a fan of both, a feather and foam combination could be the ideal compromise.
  • The right depth – A deep seat may suit taller family members, but if you’re at the petite end of the scale, you’ll need something that’s easier to get up from.
  • Supporting arms – If you’re one for balancing a plate of biscuits within easy reach (or just like a bit of support) you’ll want a sofa with more generous armrests. If you’re looking for an occasional sofa, a sloped or scrolled arm can work well.

Make sure your personalities align
Perhaps the most important test of a great sofa – is it really ‘you’? If you’ve spent years perfecting a more traditional, maximalist home vibe, then introducing a boxy or contemporary piece into your space could jar with a bright and busy aesthetic. Equally, a lover of minimalist style would do well to avoid fussy, detailed designs in favour of a simpler sofa.

Consider the effects of time
Texture and style are key considerations when choosing the perfect sofa. One should always compliment the other. Plush velvets are ideal for creating the indulgent, luxe look that’s popular with urbanites, while linens or wovens work well in rustic settings. Leather almost always gets better with age so makes a good option if you crave durability. Whichever fabric you choose, make sure you check how to look after it to make sure you max out its lifespan.

Be willing to invest
In so many ways, a brilliant sofa pays for itself – but the perfect one has to fit within your budget too. Our range of Made-to-Order sofas are available in a wide array of fabrics, colours, and styles – as well as prices. Your ideal lounging partner awaits (and we promise it’ll be worth the effort)!

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