Christmas gift ideas for the home obsessed
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Christmas gift ideas for the home obsessed

Sure, there’s always space for a gift card in our lives – but Christmas just isn’t the same without a few unexpected treats to unwrap.  So if there’s a home obsessive in your life – you know, the one who never stops perfecting their place and regularly finds excuses for yet another night in – we’ve rounded up our pick of the very best Christmas gift ideas that’ll get their pulse racing. The best part? They’re all available now. Time to get picking, clicking and wrapping! Well, maybe don’t try to wrap the bookshelves. Maybe just stick a bow on those.

For the colour lover

They might have a living room full of multi-coloured prints or a hyper-minimalist pad that’s just crying out for a little zing – either way, these bright and beautiful gems will have guaranteed impact.

For the comfort seeker

For those who love nothing more than burrowing down in the sofa with a good book, or the longest of weekend morning lie-ins, give them the gift of extra ‘snuggle factor’ this Christmas. What? That’s a thing.

For the dinner party host

If they’ve got a flair for entertaining, encourage them to continue to invite you round and cook for you by bestowing beautiful serveware and cutlery on them. It’s kind of like a gift for you, too, when you think about it.

For the bookworm

Books can make the most beautiful decoration, especially when they’re tucked neatly into ingenious shelving units. For the devoted reader in your life, a nifty new bookcase will be their decluttering saviour – and, let’s face it, probably an excuse to buy even more books. Sigh.

For the collector

Loads of stuff and nowhere to put it? Transform their lives into a streamlined dream with storage that makes a serious style statement. And not an errant object in sight. Your work here is done.

For more Christmas gift ideas, have a look at everything that’s available now.

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