Claire De Quénetain – designer

“I take inspiration from all kinds of gardens and create my own, imaginary one, to bring a natural atmosphere to interiors” says Claire De Quénetain, our latest Designer Edition’s creator.

With a Master’s in Printed Textiles from the Royal College of Art, French-born De Quénetain looks to bring a “Happy, colourful, fresh” vibe to her designs, cleverly combining painterly marks with careful illustrations to create prints that embody a utopian garden.


Her degree in Fine Art is apparent in the artistic brush strokes of ‘The Ray of Sunshine’ fabric she created for the Mimi. “I think it’s the mix of artistic and textile approaches that make my brand special” she says. “The garden brings a fantastic environment where colour, shape and movement meet to create a specific world each time. Each of my collections have a story, each is a new chapter of this imaginary garden.”



Her process brings together a mixture of traditional craft and modern making techniques to maximise the original intention of each design. “I often paint on large scales and then digitally print on fabric. Digital printing gives you the opportunity to print a painting with the exact colour vibrancy of the original.”

Claire de Quenetain is the designer behind the latest Designer Edition of the Mimi.

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