Colour stories – 4 ways to work with green
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Colour stories – 4 ways to work with green

Known for its ability to instil a feeling of calm, and easy to pair with multiple colours, it’s no wonder green is a popular choice in homes. With a central position on the visible spectrum, green is particularly easy on the eye. Pair that with its tendency to evoke pastoral pleasure and you can see why it’s long been an interior staple.

From pale hues adorning Georgian architecture to the avocado bathroom suites of the 70s, green has always been a hit. Right now, though, it’s all about luxury, teaming bold shades with rich textures for a tranquil, opulent space. Here’s how to work our latest colour obsession.

Go bold
…or go home. If you want to embrace this trend, dark green walls are a sure-fire way to bring verdant vibrancy to a room. Start by assessing the natural light in the room. Dark colours are pretty malleable to light but will change depending on how much or little there is, so it’s best to do some tests. Once you’ve found the perfect shade, you can get creative with how you build your sanctuary. A velvet sofa in light grey can build a serene atmosphere with a luxurious touch. Alternatively, if you’re really daring you can opt for brightly coloured upholstery and bold metallics.    

Make an investment
If you’re not ready to go all out on the walls but you want to make a statement, the sofa’s the way to go. Green velvet couches have seen a surge in popularity and we can see why. They transcend the seasons with effortless ease and offer a rich anchor to a room. If you’re not quite ready for that, or if your current couch doesn’t fit the brief, opt for an accent chair to bring the trend to life.

Accessorise to the max
For a subtler approach to a green scheme, accessorising is the way to go. From lashings of plant life to viridescent tableware, this is the easiest way to embrace a leafy look. The great thing about this option is that you can mix and match shades and make it feel maximalist without committing too much.  

Find the perfect match
Depending on the look you’re going for, there’s a whole load of textures that sit perfectly with green. Bring a touch of nature into an urban apartment by opting for rich woods. Marble is a great match if you want a touch of sophisticated luxury or you can make green pop with a metallic finish like brass or copper.

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