What’s on trend – compact living
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What’s on trend – compact living

Compact living – it’s a thing. Ever-increasing house prices mean that small living spaces are a reality for most of us. But it needn’t be a bad thing. Small spaces are quicker to heat, easier to clean and now, the land of design is catching up with the magic of ‘micro’.

Furniture fit for petite pads is becoming more and more prominent, proving that the smallest homes can go big on style. Here are a few tips on how to do it well in your humble abode.

Hit the wall
One of the first stumbling blocks of limited space is storage. We hear you. Storage is a constant struggle for compact living, and just when you think you’ve got enough, it seems to be bursting at the seams again. Lucky for you, we’ve got a selection of wall shelves that are as handy as they are handsome. The Kirby is a great multi-tasker with a mirror attached and ample shelf space, whereas the Lubeck will satisfy an appetite for simplicity. Our Zabel range has also been extended to include a wall cabinet that will hide all manner of mess behind a stylish façade.

Time to nest
It’s not rocket science. You can easily maximise surface space with nesting tables. From consoles to coffee tables, these clever creations allow you to shift your space to suit your needs. The Valmont not only makes the most of petite passageways with a slim line design – it’s also a thing of beauty. Speaking of things of beauty, the Seymour is a brilliant alternative to a coffee table, with just enough room to perch your favourite beverage and a book on, plus a smaller version underneath for any extras and you can tuck them both away next to your sofa when not being used. 

Compact comfort
That’s it. You’ve found the perfect sofa. But then you get the tape measure out and dreams are dashed. We’ve all been there. Well not with the Mimi two-seater. It may be small (just 132cm wide!) but it certainly isn’t lacking in character. And if you already have your sofa sorted but you want somewhere to put your feet up, the Monty’s your guy. Easy to tuck away or even use as an extra seat when guests come over. Job done.

An intimate dinner
Who’s using a coffee table to dine on? You’re not alone and, also, we think that’s totally acceptable. But, if you do have just enough space to create a little dining area with, the much-coveted Ellis also comes in a compact living version so you can fulfill your passion for parquet in a fun-sized fix. Alternatively, create your very own ‘breakfast bar’ by making the most of the end of your kitchen worktop with a couple of stylish stools like the Welles. No table needed for that one.

The sleep solution
A common frustration with bijou abodes is the lack of space to have people over to crash. If you’re a social butterfly, this is painful. A great solution is to create a lounge that can easily transform into a guest room, with a sofa bed. The Scarlett’s simple, Scandi design is a great shout for doing just that. Now all you need to stress about is which one of your pals will call shotgun.

Smart study
Hands up if you dread working from home? We get it. The dream looks like something from Sex and the City. The reality, for those in compact living situations, is quite different. But ‘WFH’ is on the rise as employers increasingly realise the financial benefits, so we need solutions. First things first – try to avoid putting your workspace in your bedroom. We’re speaking from experience here – you’ll never switch off. If you can, carve out a space away from where the magic happens. The Jakob desk can double up as a handsome sideboard and it’ll guarantee that you tidy your workspace at the end of every day.

Browse more furniture for small spaces here.

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