Weaving a tradition – the Indian bridal rug.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue – all over the world cultures perform a variety of ceremonial weddings. In India, one such tradition is the giving of a hand-woven rug as part of a woman’s dowry, or simply as a gift from the bride’s family.


Pouffe, contemporary style in black and white

These rugs come in a plethora of intricate patterns and rich colours. They feature designs and motifs like animals, and flowers, or important dates that hold a personal meaning to the family and the newlyweds. “The women in the villages weave the rugs themselves,” one of our artisans explains. “They have an emotional attachment to them, and then they give them to their daughters.”


Pouffe, contemporary style in black and white

Sometimes a rug’s pattern has a culturally broad significance, like the design that inspired the Zebra Diamond print on our Jasper pouffe. “This pattern in particular is customary for bridal rugs in Jaipur,” the artisan tells us. “It’s very popular here.” Hand-made, steeped in history and a genuine connectedness with romance – you can see why we instantly fell for the Jasper.

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