Hand-crafted from start to finish – crafting the Lombard rug.

The quest to find the right colour can be an arduous one. After a lengthy search for the perfect pantone, Gessica, our buyer, finally found the one she was looking for. Golden – it’s a colour that we hold dear. Expertly, our colour master mixed a selection of pigments from his collection of eco-friendly dyes, stirring and blending to create our desired Golden shade. When he sees the smile on our faces, a grin breaks out on his own. It’s a perfect match.


rug, contemporary style

 The chains clank against each other as Kaushal Kishore, our artisan yarn dyer, hauls the metal chamber out of a large dyeing vat. Water pours from the bottom of the freshly dyed wool, and the glorious gold of our Lombard rug is revealed.


rug, contemporary style

 We can hear the sprightly chatter of women in the yard, so we peek around the corner of an old stone wall and watch them laugh and joke with each other as they hang the yarn out to dry. Their hands lifting, carrying and draping each loop with the utmost care.



 Weaving rugs on a loom is complicated. Weaving patterned rugs on a loom even more so. They require more skill and concentration than a piece of fabric in a uniform shade might. Two weavers sit side by side, working in tandem to craft the Lombard’s chevron pattern. They appear to be in some kind of psychological harmony. They don’t even need to talk. Their hands just seem to understand each other’s.



 Sitting on the floor of the finishing workshop, Gyani applies the finishing touches. Using a needle and thread, she sews a binding stitch to protect the edges from fraying. She hums the tune of her favourite Hindu devotional song as she works, the red bracelets that signify she’s married jingling to a tune of their own.

Take a closer look at our Lombard rugs

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