Dating, Vietnamese style.
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Dating, Vietnamese style.

In England, it would be rare to hear a couple say that they went on a date at the side of the motorway or on a bridge, and that instead of going to each other’s houses they hang out in the park. But in Vietnam, our eyes were opened to another world of dating.


Culture in Vietnam, couples

In a culture where it’s the norm for generations of the same family to live together under one roof, it can be tricky to get some alone time. Walking down the street though, we see couples enjoying their time away from prying eyes, whizzing around on scooters, arms tight around waists and heads resting on shoulders.


Culture in Vietnam, couples

This couple were happy to be snapped. “Everybody goes on dates in the open air here. You’d never take your girlfriend back to your parents’ house. Everybody would want to be introduced and it can be awkward with grandparents. So we head outside instead,” they told us. It was only at the end of our conversation that they told us it was only their first date.


Culture in Vietnam, couples

Curled up close, shoes off and sat on the floor, they treat the outdoors like a living room. This couple told us that after, they’ll drive to a bridge and watch the sunset. Surely that’s better than dinner and a movie? Maybe we could learn a thing or two.

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