Our dinnerware collection: pick a personality
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Our dinnerware collection: pick a personality

Get ready to feast your eyes on our new dinnerware – it is ready to be devoured. Crockery, quite frankly, is crucial to dinner party success. For one, you can’t eat without it. For two, it seems to say a lot about you.

Check out what the choices in our latest collection might portray about your personality.

The Rustic Rebel
Find beauty in imperfection? The Ines collection is your bag. Curvaceous and organic are just two words that can be used to describe these natural beauties. Sporting a matte bubbly finish, this range appeals to the culinary rebels.
Great for: A homely, rustic edge for minimalist dining rooms or the final flourish to a rural kitchen table.

The Sophisticated Siren
Not much of a daredevil? The Helene will satisfy your appetite for safety. A timeless classic, white crockery is a go-to for those craving style certainty. A few subtle variations in shape give it just enough of an edge to suit a contemporary kitchen. Bravo.
Great for: Dialling down bold schemes or accentuating a Scandi look.

The Free Spirit
The Laura collection is guaranteed to make guests stand to attention. Okay, maybe not quite. But it’s not going to go unnoticed. A coastal blue ombre effect will make waves on your dining table with an almost on-holiday vibe. Now where did we leave our flip-flops?
Great for: Kitchens in need of a pop of colour.

The Mysterious Madam
We say ‘Nova’, you think ‘Casa’, right? Well, you’re thinking along the right lines. Dark, handsome and ready to be devoured – the Nova collection attracts a very particular eye with its earthy starburst design. Designed to make even the biggest culinary fails look good. You can’t lose.
Great for: Light, airy entertaining spaces and a chef that likes to show off.

The Green Goddess
If you’re the kind of person that dots green around their home like it’s going out of fashion, you need to move to the countryside. Failing that, buy some more green things! The Aphaea will bring pastoral pleasure to your dinner table. You might still dream of escaping, but it’ll ease the pain a bit.
Great for: Urban apartment kitchens in need of leafy lift.

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