Don’t leaf me this way

Passion project

The circle of life: it plays a huge part in everyone’s favourite Disney film (don’t even deny it). And we all go through it. But still, I can’t help but feel sad when I see leaves fall from trees.

'Did they fall or were they pushed?', the Mark Sloan (of Diagnosis: Murder, not Grey’s Anatomy, fame) inside of me wonders. Either way, it’s a bit sad when we tread on them on our way to the office, the pub or the pound shop (don’t tell).
Harold Melvin calls on us to change our behaviour.

So I decided to appreciate the beauty of leaves. I decided not to leaf them this way on the side of the road, but to photograph them and capture the flaws on their surface, the veins that give them life and the burning colour palette that makes them so beautiful to behold.

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