Editor’s picks: stylish home accessories
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Editor’s picks: stylish home accessories

We don’t buy this depressing Blue Monday nonsense come the new year. Glass – ideally a champagne glass – half full, say we.

January is all about new beginnings. A fresh start. A lick of paint on the walls you noticed were a bit grubby when you spent all that time indoors watching Netflix over Christmas. But if big investment pieces aren’t really on the agenda after gifting season, there’s still space for a home update on a smaller scale. Enter the sofa-transforming cushion, the boring bed-defying blanket, the room-defining rug.

Today, we’re all about the triumphant power of these stylish home accessories to give an entire room a cheeky facelift. Boom.

Cushion the blow

Tired old sofa? Add a cushion. Slightly out-of-place armchair? Add a cushion. Uninviting bed? Yeah, you get the picture. We love the power of prints and colours on cushions to give any space an eclectic, homely vibe. If you’ve got some older favourites, go with it; the more mismatched, the better.


Bed in

Is there anything more delightful than climbing into bed and feeling brand new, crisp 100% cotton bed sheets against your skin? It’s almost worth the pain of changing the duvet cover. Almost.


Comfort blankets

The temperature has dropped, which as far as we’re concerned means just another excuse to burrow down in bed or on the sofa, drink tea and refuse to move. Layer soft, muted blankets and quilts for cosy Scandi bedroom vibes, or opt for a bold, colourful print to pack a punch draped over the arm of your sofa.


Under the rug

If you’ve got hard floors and you live in a flat, a rug will be your neighbour’s new best friend. Soft underfoot for wintry mornings, rugs can totally transform a room from cold to cosy. Complement an existing accent piece by choosing a rug on the same theme, or mix things up with a Persian-inspired design that channels a more bohemian aesthetic.

See our full range of stylish home accessories here.

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