Editor’s picks: the best of The Final Few
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Editor’s picks: the best of The Final Few

Christmas Day is done for another year, and if everything has gone to plan you’ll be nestling in a warm bed of discarded wrapping paper while watching a rom com you’ve already seen 37 times, within arm’s reach of a steadily depleting box of chocolates. (Just the orange creams left, eh? Oh well, needs must.)

You might even have your phone in your non-chocolate hand, scrolling away through endless photos of your friends’ babies and dogs dressed as elves and thinking maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a treat for you after all that sterling Christmas shopping you just did.

Well, scroll no more. We’ve plumbed the depths of The Final Few – limited edition designs we’ll never make again – to pick out the very best pieces, all organised by room.

For the living room

If you’re feeling sick of the sight of your living room after hours of festive loafing, look no further. Classic neutrals will easily blend into your existing room, with endless accessorising potential should you fancy it. We’re loving the French fancy of these three pieces – classic but with enough unusual detailing to make you look twice.

Top left: Liza cabinet (£265) Top right: Lille armchair in Putty Grey (£314) Bottom: Mia two-seater sofa (£629)


For the hallway

It’s all too easy for the entrance to any home to become a dumping ground for shoes, waterproofs, old boxes and post you don’t really want to open. But some clever storage and a little TLC for your walls might be all it takes for you to deliberately dawdle on your way out the door to admire your domestic handiwork. Or at least give you somewhere specific to put the post.


For the dining room

You might be feeling a bit ‘over’ your dining space right now – but those bowls brimming with kale and quinoa have got to go somewhere, right? Invest in a statement Scandi table for a bigger revamp, or go for quicker updates with an over-table pendant lamp and – our personal favourite – a brass and marble bar trolley. Dry January might have to wait.


For the study

If your home has to function as work space and sanctuary, it should be as comfortable as possible. The Philippe desk has brass spheres for handles, so you can stow away unfiled papers and lidless pens with panache, while the Castor floor lamp’s antique brass oozes warmth. A patterned rug in a study sets of shelves of books and wall art wonderfully, and brings some subtle colour into the mix, too.

Philippe desk (£174), Castor floor lamp (£209), Pom rug (£139)


For the bedroom

We tend to plump for neutrals in our bedrooms so we can drift off in a cloud-like swirl of whites, woods and greys – but introducing a spot of subtle colour can re-energise your whole space. Rich velvets and Bohemian patterns make for sumptuous sleeping surroundings, while the Laguna’s zingy blue will add instant impact. Plus it’s got three drawers to hide away bits of bedroom clutter – the stuff of sweet, sweet dreams.

See all of The Final Few here.

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