Emily Humphrey, Designer Editions artisan.

“My favourite character on the Character Polka print is the giraffe. He’s become quite iconic; I love the way his neck pokes out playfully as if from nowhere. That’s the fun thing about this piece, you can look at it over and over and each time you’ll find a new character. I can imagine the Karla as an accent piece in a sophisticated living room just as easily as in a child’s nursery. I’m due a baby in four months and it will definitely be in mine!”


Karla armchair, Designer Edition

“I’m a bit of a hoarder of Victorian postcards – I spend my spare time collecting them at markets and vintage shops. They were the main inspiration behind the print. Polka dots are really popular of course, and mixed with the characters they create an almost 3D effect.”


Armchair, mid-century style

“I chose the Karla armchair because I usually upholster vintage pieces, and thought it would be exciting to see the contrast between the Victorian-inspired print and this mid-century shape. I start the process by gathering imagery then cutting them out or sketching my own from scratch. The most successful designs come together quite quickly – this one took me an afternoon, but best reflects the brand’s aesthetic and is by far the most popular.”


Armchair, mid-century style

Emily’s pieces have just been launched in Korea, but she isn’t planning world domination just yet. “The collaboration with Swoon Editions appealed to me because I want to stay quite niche and I love that your pieces are limited edition. They are real investment pieces. I’d quite like a wallpaper collection though…maybe after the baby!”


Emily Humphrey Design is a luxury, independent textile specialist that’s a “nudge from the norm.” Founder Emily’s background includes working for brands including Paul Smith and Ted Baker where she designed womenswear. Her prints are designed in Yorkshire and made to the highest standards in Great Britain.


8 Jun, 2015 · 3 min read
Julie Kouamo, Designer Editions artisan.