Fanny Shorter – designer.

“Classic, greenhouse, disco.” says textile designer Fanny Shorter when asked how she thinks people would sum up her eye-catching fabrics in three words.

The latest designer edition of the Mimi makes a real statement with Shorter’s Calathea fabric in Chartreuse. “The designs are all original illustrations. I’m reassured that there is continuity to my work and there is a ‘look’, although I’m always unsure about this.” says Shorter.

Having originally trained as an illustrator at Brighton University, it makes sense that Shorter is a fan of traditional craft. With textiles that bring a contemporary twist to floral fabrics with original, botanical prints, it’s also no wonder she’s already been stocked by Liberty, the Southbank Centre and the William Morris Gallery.

A typical day starts with Porridge, procrastination and then into my studio at Cockpit Arts.” From gathering inspirational images to visiting places relevant to the designs, Shorter’s process is underpinned by meticulous research. She then works up detailed drawings, creates colour layers for the screen print and samples each fabric until she’s happy, before sending it to be hand-printed by the roll at a factory in London. “I have a traditional craft heart but I’m a modern making voyeur!” says Shorter. “While I still feel that we need to support traditional craft you cannot ignore the innovations in technology.”

Fanny Shorter

As for her design inspiration; “It’s a general love of English countryside, the natural world, storytelling, colour and history.” Shorter opted for the Mimi collection to showcase her gorgeous Calathea Chartreuse fabric, saying she “felt the retro feel of the fabric worked really well with the Mimi shapes. With such a bold print it made sense to choose a simple shape.”

Fanny Shorter Designer Cushion

Designing a fabric collection inspired by a series of novels coming in the spring, and a new wrist watch for Mr. Jones Watches, it’s clear that we’ve got a lot more to see from Shorter yet!

Fanny Shorter is the textile designer behind our Designer Edition of the Mimi range found here.




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