Hand-made from start to finish – crafting the Aimee bedside table.

The petite Aimee is one of our all-time favourite French-style bedside tables. Made from mango wood, it’s available in various finishes including a lime-washed effect and a rustic sandblasted technique.



Gathering his wood, our carpenter takes the stencil that marks the Aimee’s leg curve and traces it onto the block of mango wood. He uses it to guide him on the saw.



The single drawer is formed and traditional wooden runners inserted. They’re hand-sanded to make sure they run smoothly. The brass drawer knob is antiqued to give it a slightly aged look before it’s attached to its centre point.



Each Aimee takes a different path at this final stage. The sandblasted route is a dusty one. Great clouds of dust are kicked up as sand seeks out the weaker parts of the wood and creates a rippled effect in the wood grain. The lime-washed effect is a much gentler affair. A pale wash is applied by hand, before being sanded down. Either way the result is a pared-back ode to humble French design.


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