Hand-made from start to finish – crafting the Ando chest of drawers.

The piece with which our in-house designer, Harry, made his debut – it sold out within two days of its release. Mid-century in style, it was those beautifully louvered drawer panels that got us. Available in two finishes, we followed the making journey of the richly-coloured  rosewood version.


It all starts with wood. Selected from our maker’s woodstore, every plank has been well-seasoned and is chosen on a piece-by-piece basis. The boards are rough and have to be planed, laminated and sanded before being cut to size.


The Ando’s legs are moulded gradually. Rough too in texture and varied in tone, they’re perfected until smoothness is achieved and the tapered, conical shape appears.



Next is milling. From machine to hand, every piece is shaped before holes are drilled so assembly can happen. The shutter-like front is angled using a prism-shaped slice of wood. The panels rest on its side so that they slope downwards.



Sanding takes a long time. Machines do the first job followed by very intricate hand-sanding before the walnut-coloured wood stain can be applied. Using a sponge, Kanharam can get into every nook. It’s sealed and it’s lacquered – to give it depth and to protect it – and it’s left to dry in an open, airy space.


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