Happy Abstract
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Happy Abstract

Here at the Swoon Studio we’ve turned our attention to autumnal living, and the pieces that will shine in our homes through the coming seasons. However, don’t expect neutral and calm. This month, we’re heroing an altogether bolder ideal, which we’re calling Happy Abstract.


Oblique Three and Untitled Number One. Available in three sizes. From £150.

Ada cabinet £549


Sam Baldry, Swoon’s Head of Design

“Over the past few years we’ve definitely seen design moving towards a more expressive look – bold but simple shapes and texture injected with more fun and with a real lighthearted edge. But this year this look really seemed to approach full adoption, the charisma is palpable. You can’t look anywhere without seeing bursts of colour springing up and primary shapes scattered seemingly randomly over each other. It’s more than a trend, it feels like an attitude, a way of thinking – maybe an antidote to a scary serious world, a natural response. Out with the serious logical straight line design and in with lively easygoing personality.”


Grade Two and Interface One. Available in three sizes. From £150.

Ada sideboards £699






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