How to make clashing styles work
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How to make clashing styles work

The most immediate sign that you’ve met your match is undoubtedly the chemistry. The ‘spark’ if you believe in that kind of thing. But rarely can we put our finger on what makes that long-lasting flame initially ignite.

They say that opposites attract. Ever questioned your friend’s choice of partner because they have nothing in common? You get the point. But what happens when styles clash? How can we strike a harmonious balance between oppositions? The good news is, it’s possible. Our friends at eharmony are confident that, in relationships at least, opposing styles can work in harmony, and we think we agree when it comes to your home too…

Meticulous minimalist vs. lover of luxury

One of you finds joy in minimalism, the other loves a bit of luxury. It’s an age-old relationship battle that usually plays out over a growing cushion collection on the bed. Now, it’s a tough one, but we do believe a balance can be found. The magic solution is compromise. You could add a touch of velvet to a minimal office without messing with the simplicity. Equally, you can make a seriously cosy corner with a Scandi-style armchair, so that both of you want to curl up there. When it comes to the argument about cushions on the bed, we’ll leave you to find the solution there.

Seriously sociable vs. solitary creature

Our personalities at home can often differ to those that the rest of the world sees. You may well be wildly sociable out and about, but a creature of solitude at home. If you’re one of these people and you find yourself shacked up with someone who loves a dinner party, or just wants to chew the fat at the end of every single day, you may be faced with some challenges. The key is to set up a space for both of your needs. Create a fantastic entertaining space complete with a glam bar trolley, but make sure there’s a quiet corner with calming textiles, where one can retreat at will. You can still enjoy each other’s company – it’s just about knowing your needs are catered to.

Wildly creative vs. overtly ordered

On the subject of opposites attracting, have you ever met a couple where one person is some kind of artist and the other works with numbers? Their skill sets are worlds apart and, typically speaking, their organisation styles will be too. This can cause havoc if you share a working space (or any space really). So what’s the solution? Number one – make sure you’ve got some good storage to hand. The creative creature can keep all of their knick-knacks hidden for easy access when they most need inspiration. Textiles, like a patterned rug or pouffe, are also a good way to avoid spaces feeling stark and boring, without running the risk of it feeling messy.

Boldly confident vs. sensitively understated

Confidence is a good thing. So is being understated. Too much of either in one’s personality can be challenging, but bringing the two together can strike a really nice balance. Our interior styles often reflect our personalities, so how do you create an environment that expresses both? Think Industrial furniture pieces teamed with soft textiles in pretty pastels, for a harmoniously eclectic look. Just as you find equilibrium in your personalities, your style at home will too.

Flamboyantly fun vs. sensibly sophisticated

There’s one person in every couple who likes to stay at the party that little bit longer. The other, gently coaxing them into a taxi at the end of the night, wishing they’d been in bed hours ago. If the party animal were left to their own devices, all hell might break loose. And if everyone were sensible, life could get quite dull. The two need each other, and we can see this in our homes too. Bold Mid-Century designs and splashes of colour get a sophisticated edge when paired with elegant textures and clean lines. Equally, those elegant pieces get a burst of new energy from a powerful pop of colour. As long as the party animal knows when it’s time to tone it down, and the sensible one can compromise, the two can be incredibly compatible.

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