Soft touch: how to make your home feel cosy
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Soft touch: how to make your home feel cosy

We’re all for minimalism: white walls, clean lines and neutral hues absolutely have their place. But sometimes, when it’s painfully cold outside and the sun seems ready to set just after lunch, all you really want to do is burrow down in a huge heap of blankets and hibernate. And because ‘tis the season for nights in with hearty stews and box sets, we’ve picked out six updates that’ll make your home, whatever its size and style, into a veritable sanctuary.

Mood lighting


Fight off the dark nights with warm lights that invite you in. Give the overheads a break for cosy evenings, and illuminate your space with softer table and floor lamps around the room instead. Vintage filament bulbs tend to offer more of a golden glow – and they look good, too. For extra hygge points, add a scented candle with cold weather-appropriate notes, such as musk and pine.

Natural fibres


Plump for natural materials, such as cotton and wool, when choosing your home accessories: they’re softer, warmer and they’ll last longer than man-made alternatives. Handmade cushions, blankets and rugs often have the beautiful inconsistency of the human touch – and it’s the details that make these objects come to life. In terms of larger furniture, opt for statement pieces in mango wood and rosewood for their warm, welcoming tones.

Deep hues

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It might seem slightly counterintuitive to make your interior walls darker when there’s minimal sunlight available – but deeper colours will often make a space feel extraordinarily snug. A certain amount of natural light is key, and if your ceilings are really low it might feel oppressive; that said, you could stop at one accent wall and see how you feel. Mossy, forest greens, moody sapphires and rich aubergine hues can add real depth to an otherwise flat space.

Plant life


We spend most of winter trying to escape the outdoors – but there’s no reason you can’t bring a little bit of nature into your living room. Greenery in the home helps us feel calm and energised, so invest in a few great plants, from succulents in the bathroom to tall yuccas. Our friends at Patch Plants have a great guide on (almost) unkillable plants – but if you don’t trust yourself to avoid plant murder, you could always go faux.

Mismatched textures

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Layers of fabrics, textures, patterns and styles are what make a home unique. Combine the pieces you love, however different, to create an eclectic space that feels totally your own. Try clashing crocheted cushions on a velvet sofa, or a timeless Persian rug beneath a hyper-contemporary coffee table. The more unexpected, the better.

Artful placement

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Bare walls are sad: fact. Adorn your home with mirrors, prints, wall hangings, plates, postcards – whatever makes you happy every time you look at it. And let’s not forget the endless power of shelves crammed with books, trinkets and pictures to breathe warmth and life into a room. Nobody said you had to read them all…

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