How to organise your home for 2019
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How to organise your home for 2019

The only downside to a frenzied Christmas day ripping open parcels and cooing at their contents is figuring out where on earth you’re supposed to put all the stuff.

We’ve picked out a few hard-working storage stalwarts that’ll help you streamline all your shiny new things – or at least shut them away behind an equally shiny door.

The sideboard

Sideboards are storage saviours: they’ll happily tuck away your ugliest living room essentials and hide errant cables, neaten up your hallway and display your best bedroom knick-knacks. And if you’re looking for one statement piece of furniture for your home, well, look no further than this bold beauty.


The cabinet

If you’ve been gifted bottles of delicious tipple that you can’t face drinking for a good while, books you want to keep but aren’t so keen on displaying, or elaborate vases that frankly nobody should ever see, the cabinet is your friend. With spaces tall enough to stow larger things, and drawers for those easily lost trinkets, it screams style while keeping your storage secrets.


The trolley

So you’ve got some fancy bottles and even fancier new glassware? Don’t let them get muddled up in your kitchen cupboards with all the jam jars and novelty mugs – give them pride of place on a beautifully organised bar trolley. Oh yes, the trolley is back, and it’s here to stay.


The shelving

The wonderful thing about standalone shelving is that it can go anywhere – and can be moved around your home as and when you need it. It can slot into a chimney breast alcove for your books, against a kitchen wall for your crockery, or next to a study desk for all that meticulous filing (ahem). It can even divide a large room in two for neat separate spaces.


The drawers

Chests of drawers are only for the bedroom, right? We don’t think so. If they’re not too deep, they make brilliant hallway companions, and they’ll make a great home for smaller kids’ toys if you’re sick of the usual ‘massive box in the corner’ thing. And you get an extra surface out of it – so it’s win, win.

For more storage ideas, have a look at all of our furniture.

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