Jinju Lee – Designer
5 years ago · London · 3 min read

Jinju Lee – Designer

“It describes my move from my emotional home in London to my more structured home in South Korea, much like me there is two overlapping stories in one design.” Jinju Lee, textile designer behind our latest Designer Edition, certainly has a story to tell.

A fusion of artistic and strategic talents make Lee and her studio, Always Printing, truly unique. “Before design I had studied mathematics and really like the structure that it offers. Since starting my own textile studio I’ve definitely found a passion for the business side of the design too.”

cushion2It makes sense that Lee’s analytical mind plays an integral role in taking her designs from ideas to realities. “My process involves lots of research, analysing my life and the world around me. I spend a lot of time outdoors, sketching and taking pictures. I then spend several weeks converting my sketches and photographs into patterns and themes, using a mixture of media.”


“For the Swoon Editions collection, I used a series of large tape line drawings which I then cut to show the negative and positive space of the design. Once the theme is set, I then use these images to create digital files for experimentation with collage, screen and digital printing.” As for her choice of the Mimi to bring her designs to life? “I really like the soft volume in contrast to the very geometric style of the print,” she says.


With an interesting eye for inspiration, it’s no wonder Lee’s designs are particularly striking. “Some of my biggest inspirations are the accidental marks and patterns of life. Whether it’s the coffee rings left on a well-used table, or the tire marks on the street from breaking, everywhere you look there are the marks of people living their lives and each mark has a story.”

Jinju Lee is the founder of Always Printing textiles which are used on our latest Designer Edition of the Mimi.

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