Louise Body – designer.

“The two prints I’ve produced for Swoon Editions form part of my Peggy collection; inspired by the life and work of Peggy Angus. I was inspired by the personality of her designs and the techniques she used. I’ve tried to maintain that same artisanal, hand-painted quality in my textiles.”


Studio 5

“For me, inspiration comes when I least expect it. The camera on my phone is something I value greatly. It means I can spontaneously capture something that interests me, however random it might seem at the time. I have a strong connection to my family history too, and this also feeds into my work. Both of my grandmothers were artists and I’ve used their paintings and other family heirlooms to develop my own work.”

 Studio 8

“My ideas often come from a photograph that I’ve taken on a country stroll or of a specific object that caught my eye. I’ll then experiment with my paintbrush or simply sketch out some initial thoughts until I create something completely unique.The use of drawings and photographs give my designs a personal, illustrative feel.”


Louise Body is the textile designer behind two of our French-style Designer Editions – the Lille armchair and the Louise sofa.

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