Making the most of your mornings when WFH
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Making the most of your mornings when WFH

When you’re working from home, your normal routine can go out of the window. But the one thing we should all stick to? The daily commute. It’ll wake you up, spark your creativity and focus the mind on getting the most out of your day. Here are our tips on making the most out of your mornings.



Make a coffee

It’s easy to prepare a barista-quality coffee from home without a machine that costs a few hundred pounds. Seb, from the Coffee Lab, says to create the perfect pour-over brew all you need is a Kalita Wave Dripper, some filters and some quality ground beans. “It’s easy to make quality coffee with equipment that costs less than £30” he says. Pour your fresh coffee into an insulated reusable coffee cup and off you go.


 Discover your neighbourhood

Always walk the same streets? Choose a spot you’ve never been to before on your phone’s map tool and set it to show you a walking route. Put on a podcast and stroll away. And don’t forget to look up and notice things. You could even set yourself a daily creative project to capture a photo series of beautiful doorways or interesting colour palettes for example. Inject variety into your ‘commute’ by taking a different route back so you’ve always got something new to see.


Get dressed for work

We’ve all been lazy and worked in our PJs from time to time but getting dressed in designated work clothes can boost your productivity. When it becomes routine to do this, you’ll become conditioned to associate the change of clothes with a change of mindset, therefore preparing you for the working day ahead. 


Connect with friends over breakfast

Connecting with friends and family is the best way to prevent feelings of isolation. And it’s often more natural to connect with people when doing everyday activities rather than a scheduled Zoom call. The morning can be the perfect window of time for a few minutes of (digital) socialising. Our top tip? Set up your phone for a video call from the kitchen and prepare breakfast at the same time. Then sit down and enjoy it together. 


Plan your day

Figuring out your focus for the coming week is often best done on the previous Friday. So when it comes to Monday morning, you already have a clear idea of what you need to get done. We’re a fan of colour coded diaries. Set a colour for external meetings, another colour for internal meetings, and plan in your breaks and exercise, as well as time to get tasks done. You can easily see what’s coming up if everything has a designated colour.


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