How did you come to be a colour master?

“I used to be an artist, a painter of miniature Mughal art that’s particularly popular in southern Asia. After a while the market for that kind of work fell, so I’ve been searching for a role where I could still work with paint and with colour. Now I believe I was born to be a colour master.”


Chest of Drawers, French style in mango wood

Amar works on a lot of our French-style pieces, like the Claude chest of drawers. He creates colours from scratch, using natural pigments. When he’s happy with his blend, he begins to colour in the designs. “I love painting by hand, it soothes me.” He hums softly as he works.


Chest of Drawers, French style in mango wood

 “My village is small, so I came to Jaipur to find work. It gave me the opportunity to upgrade from a small house, to a big one.” He smiles, gently shaking his head in that characteristic Indian way. “My family is very happy. I am very happy.”


Amer Chand, 54, colour master

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