Ashley McDow, Occipinti founder and designer.
4 years ago · London · 3 min read

Ashley McDow, Occipinti founder and designer.

“My Rhodo Cobalt print was inspired by the row upon row of rhododendrons at Kew Gardens. I love their huge flower heads and how they manage to balance themselves evenly across the bush. I wanted to balance the beauty of British flora with the vibrant colours of the Far East. When I painted this design, I’d just returned from spending six months in India and couldn’t help letting rich Indian colours seep into every petal.”



“I’ve always dreamt about living in times gone by. I think I was meant to live in a time where everything was made by hand, from gowns to furniture. The Lille’s French-antique aesthetic is what drew me to it.”



“The way I work is very free. I spend a lot of time outside, visiting beautiful parks and gardens to gather inspiration. I take my camera with me to capture the moments that I want to recreate. I also visit a lot of galleries and markets to get a feel for what’s current in both shape and colour. I’ll then sit myself in my Walthamstow studio and begin drawing and painting. I like to have a stockpile of hand-produced images to work with. I then fit them all together – a kind of watercolour collage – to create a flowing pattern.”



“I founded Occipinti in 2013 single-handedly. I wanted to inject colour and creativity into the home and to celebrate high-quality British expertise. I’m a strong believer in helping to build trade in the UK.

I named my design house after my Sicilian grandmother. Occipinti was her maiden name. It means ‘painted eyes.'”


Ashley is the designer behind two of our Designer Editions – the Lille armchair and the Rouen stool. 

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