Avdesh, 28 – carpenter.

“There’s a local tale that says if a wife is angry with her husband she won’t tell him. Instead, she’ll add more and more salt to his food. My food is always perfect. I hope that means my wife is happy.”


Chest of drawers, French-style in Royal Black

“I grew up in a place called Kanpur. It’s an area known for its leather tanneries. I come from a family of carpenters though – I learnt the trade from my father. He started teaching me from a young age at home. I do frame construction as well as carpentry, There are many different levels and you need to be intelligent to do them all.”

That may sound boastful, but there wasn’t an ounce of smugness about Avdesh. Just honesty.


Avdesh is a carpenter who works on some of our French and modern country designs including the Mandel chest of drawers.

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