Bertil, 30 – designer.

“I came to Vietnam looking for an adventure. I never expected to stay long – I told my dad I’d be here for three months. That was 12 years ago.”


Sofa, mid-century style

“I finished studying at university in Denmark and knew I wanted to work for a furniture manufacturer somewhere. Now, here I am getting to design my own furniture from scratch.” He showed us how he uses 3D printing to conceptualise his work. The 3D printed Mimi sofa in the image now sits alongside the real thing in our London office.


Sofa, mid-century style

“My dad keeps asking me when I’m going to go home. It’s not likely to be anytime soon. As well as the company I now have a wife and two children. Maybe one day he’ll come and visit us all…but he’d have to find someone to tend his hobby farm!”


Bertil is the designer behind some of our mid-century and Scandi-style sofas like the Erika.

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