Brie Harrison – designer and illustrator.

“Once I’ve come up with an idea I usually sit at my desk and start drawing by hand. My designs always grow organically. I never quite know where they’re going to take me or how the finish result will look.”


Brie Harrison 2 seater

“The inspiration behind my Thistle and Ferns print was found during a walk in the Spanish hills. The flowers were a beautiful mix of shape and colour and thankfully I had my sketchbook there with me. I wanted to blend that memory with a  slightly arts and crafts/70s twist – I did that by playing with the colour palette. I think the overall look is slightly nostalgic and warm; it feels reminiscent of my parents’ house when I was child.”



“I love to work with collage. I surround myself with inspiration and put pieces together into something falls into place. I think people would describe my work as cosy, botanical and calming. In our hectic, crazy world we live in now, we need to be reminded that nature and simplicity make us happier than anything.”

 Brie is the designer behind our latest Designer Edition of the Mimi sofa and footstool

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