Buck, Zeng, 43 – head of QC.

“In my spare time I play a lot of basketball. As you can see, I’m pretty tall. I started playing at university and I still play regularly. These days it’s more about keeping fit and messing around with the boys than playing anything really competitive.”


bench, gustavian style

 “To be the head of QC at a workshop, the most important thing is that you need to be willing to take responsibility. Often you’re the only person who’s in the workshop and interacting with head office – a lot of trust is placed in you.”


bench, gustavian style

 “If I could improve anything about myself, it would be to speak better English.” He says this in pitch-perfect English. “I try to practise with people who speak English whenever they drop by, but it’s hard to do that every day.”

Buck, Zeng, is the head of quality control in the workshop where our Juliette benches and Karla armchairs are crafted.

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