Chandra Prakash, 45 – wood supervisor.

Inside the wood store timber is stacked in its thousands. “To some, the wood store may be intimidating. I like to think of myself as its master.”



“I know the exact heritage of every plank in here and I have a good intuition for how each one will perform. My system is strict. Everything is colour-coded by supplier and age and I only put forward the well-seasoned wood for furniture.”



Chandra, or ‘C.P’ as his friends and colleagues call him only wants to talk about his work. “I think my skills are recognised by the workshop. I actually trained in accountancy and typing and used to work on the reception desk. Then I looked into how we could re-use our waste materials, and now here I am. I made my own path.”


Chandra supervises the wood used by one of our Jaipur-based makers.

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