Cheskie Baker – textile designer.

“I’ve loved textiles for as long as I remember. I did an art foundation course and went on to study textile design at Central Saint Martins – it’s where I discovered that I’m a weaver. Creating woven fabrics is immensely time consuming and honestly, quite frustrating at times, but it’s hard to describe just how satisfying it is; sitting at a loom and watching how every thread comes together to create something big and beautiful.”


“My trademark look is always centred around colour. I go to New Covent Garden, a flower market in Vauxhall, sometimes as early as 6am, to photograph flowers and other fauna. I like flowers that look other worldly and sometimes I’ll create my very own species. Rather than sketching my designs out, I prefer to do something more hands-on and 3D. I’ll try to find new ways of interpreting what I see – like painting onto acetate and layering with different mixed media – before I create a weave that represents it.”


“For the Tivoli armchair and sofas, I wanted to go somewhere different to where I’d been before. Instead of a bright palette, I considered my launch date and chose a more seasonal blend of grey, green and blues. I felt a geometric pattern would lend itself much better to the Tivoli’s clean lines too.  I also wanted to work with print rather than weave. In my home studio my loom isn’t big enough to handle such a large scale design!”


“It was really important that my design would work on a large, sofa-size piece as well as it would on an armchair. I’ve created something that will accent a room without overwhelming it. In the future, I’d love to work on a cocktail chair and to let loose one of my emblematic prints. Watch this space!”

Cheskie Baker is a textile designer and is the person behind our Designer Editions lines. Shop her very own textile on the made-to-order Tivoli.

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