Claire Gaudion – designer.

“The way that I design is quite organic. I like to focus on the interaction of colour and pattern, and developing that idea is often very experimental. I sit at my loom and interlace colours, I explore different weave structures, and I swap between digital screen work and traditional making techniques. I’ll weave my own design samples in the studio before working with hand-selected UK mills for production lengths of cloth and bespoke commissions.”


“I used my Rocquaine print for my latest Designer Edition of the Klein dining chairs. The pattern draws inspiration from Guernsey’s Rocquaine Bay – a beautiful sandy beach along the southwest coast of the island. The layers of blues and neutral hues mirror the changing colours of the sea over the sand, while the grey tones reflect the rocks that appear and disappear with the tides.”



“I find inspiration from my natural surroundings mainly. Guernsey’s ever-changing, dramatic granite coastline always delivers. I also have great admiration for the Bauhaus weavers, artists and colourists. They’ve created striking lyrical works in bold colours and geometric shapes, like the textile artist and printmaker, Anni Albers, and artist Paul Klee, whose abstract paintings are so full of rhythm and tone. I try to do the same in every one of my works.”


Claire Gaudion is a textile designer and is the face behind the Designer Edition of our Klein dining chair set.

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