Chen, Da Qi, 37, carpenter.

“I have a lot of respect for my older brother. My parents couldn’t support us when we were young, so he took charge of the family and held us together. It wasn’t always easy for him.”


desk, modern country style

 “I’ve been a carpenter for 15 years. I moved here for this job two years ago. When you move somewhere for work, your work becomes your home, and your colleagues your family. I send money back to my parents and to my grandmother. She’ll be 100 this year.”


desk, modern country style

 “I have two sons aged ten and one, and I can’t help but spoil them both. As the youngest of five children in a poor family, I only ever had hand-me-downs, so I want them to have everything.”

Chen, Da Qi, is part of the assembly team for our Marylebone desks

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