Daniel Heath – designer.

“Inspiration is everywhere, but I’ve been getting more and more interested in Art Deco architecture. From London buildings such as the Hoover, Michelin, and Daily Express buildings to Frank Lloyd Wright, who also dabbled in textiles. They’re incredible structures with captivating lines.”



“I don’t have a ‘typical’ day. Variety is the spice of life! A good day starts at home with a cup of coffee. I’ll then head to my studio at 9am or 10am to meet my employee Laura. Together we’ll send out samples, print new orders of wallpaper and then I might meet new clients in London or back at my Blackhorse Workshop in Walthamstow. I always try to finish at 6pm – I’m attempting to be more disciplined about my work/life balance – but it’s difficult when you love what you do.”





We asked Daniel how he thinks people might describe his work in three words. “I’m always transparent about my making process, whether it’s screen printing or laser cutting. So I hope people appreciate the honesty in my work. I also hope people recognise my pursuit of craftsmanship. My work is mostly decorative, so I’d like to think my followers find my pieces beautiful too.”


“When I come up with an idea I do a lot more research before I start designing; I like to know my subject well, discovering new things along the way. I’ll speak to experts and makers from many disciplines and commission them to help me realise my ideas. I may be speaking with a carpenter, a metalworker, an upholsterer or a builder. Without these skilled craftspeople, many of my projects would not be possible.

I care very much about what we do, how things are made and how our work can provide others with work. I hope that we support and endorse making in what we do.”

Daniel is the designer behind two of our Designer Editions – the Karla armchair and upcoming Jefferson sofas.

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