Deng, Xing Miao, 50 – handles expert.

“I wear my camouflage jacket and matching hat every day to work. It’s my uniform. When I wear this outfit I feel prepared.”


Furniture, retro style

“I’ve made just about every type of furniture over the decades. My favourite piece was the ‘Empress Chair’ in the 1990s. It was a glamorous chair with a high back carved out of Huali rosewood – the same wood  used in the Ming and early Qing Imperial court. I could really sense the history behind it.”


Furniture, retro style

“I’m a carpenter by trade, but if I wasn’t I would have been a detective. My favourite TV shows are crime investigation dramas. I love the logic behind cracking a case.”


Xing attaches the handles to our Rubricks chest of drawers

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