What are you passionate about?

“I’m a bit of a movie buff,” Dong Liao tells us. “I love watching films in my spare time. I watched an action film last night about the battles that resulted in the creation of the People’s Republic of China in the 1940s – it was superb.”


desk, modern country style

 Dong Liao’s supervisor tells us he’s one of few people who can get a finish on the leg of a Marylebone desk that’s perfectly smooth, using only a piece of sandpaper. Only a select few are entrusted with the role. “It takes a lot of skill, and he’s only been working here for a month.”



 “I used to work with wood,” Dong Liao tells us. “When I saw the notice that they were looking for workers here, I decided to move over. My home province of Gansu is extremely windy and sandy – I find the climate here is a bonus.’

Li, Dong Liao, 28, wood polisher

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