Eyefix – textile design studio.

“We’re no ordinary design studio. We travel around the globe, gathering art, textiles and literature to create our vintage archives. Really we’re collectors, creators and historians, as well as designers. We house roughly 200,000 original pieces from eras as early as the 1800s right up until the present day, with most of our clients being in the fashion industry. A considerable amount of our artworks were originally intended for interiors though, so collaborating with Swoon Editions means we can showcase Eyefix prints in the home.”


“The Art Deco Tropical print hails from 1930s France – Lyon more specifically. It was discovered by David Eaton, founder of Eyefix Designs, and a few others in a cellar owned by the son of a famous St Estienne printer. They loved the emerald tones used on the original design, but we wanted to make it bolder, richer, to bring it back to life. Our designers do this by scanning the artwork onto a computer at high resolution so every bit of detail is captured. We remove imperfections, add or change colours, create a repeat and then print onto whatever fabric the clients wants. The print is reborn.”


“The whole team thought a classic piece of furniture would best suit the Art Deco Tropical print. A French print for a French-style armchair. Designing for interiors is a very different process to fashion. Where fashion trends emerge and change at least four times a year to reflect Spring/Summer, Fall, Autumn/Winter, and Resort, the interiors customer desires a design that will last in their home for years. That’s why the vintage archive lends itself so perfectly to this market.”


Eyefix Designs is the studio behind our Louise two-seater sofa and Lille armchair Designer Editions. 

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