Tell us something about yourself.

Ganesh is endearingly shy when we interview him. He sits with his legs close together, his hands in his lap and one foot tapping nervously. “I don’t speak very much,” he says. His eyes speak for him. He’s gentle, wise, conscientious.


Rug, contemporary style in golden chevron

As he weaves, the Golden Chevron pattern for the Lombard rug appearing on the loom, he tells us a little about his people. “I come from the Mallah caste. They were traditionally the boatmen who ferried people across the Ganges.”


Rug, contemporary style in golden chevron

“I like to weave with Ambrish,” offering a small smile at the colleague he’s sharing the loom with that day. “He’s very patient. He’s a good teacher. He guides us.” Ambrish leans over and pats him on the shoulder appreciatively. Then, in unison, the two return to the intricate weaving of our Lombard rugs.


Ganesh, weaver

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