Do you have a hobby?

“I do not like music,” Ghanshyam states, very seriously. Taken aback, we push him. None at all? “No. I strictly do not like music.” The younger man, Rakesh, his brother-in-law, rolls his eyes when he hears this. He’s heard it before. “It’s pop music you don’t like,” he says. “I like to have the radio on while we work, but he’s always turning it off!”


Side table, industrial style in mango wood and steel

 The brothers work together in carpentry, crafting the tops of the Sullivan side tables. It’s a skill that runs in the family, like it’s in their blood. “In the village we have a shop, a carpentry shop.” Rakesh says. “My father and my younger brother run it but I wanted to get out of the village, so I came to work in Jaipur with Ghanshyam.”


Side table, industrial style in mango wood and steel

Family is all they want to talk to us about. It’s touching. “I have four children,” Ghanshyam tells us. “My eldest son is doing a Bachelors of Science. I’m very proud of him. I’m proud of all of my family.”


Ghanshyam and Rakesh Sharma, carpenters


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