Giāo, 45 – leg sander.

“It doesn’t take me long to get to work – I live just 500m away amongst the shrimp ponds and rice fields. I’ve lived there my whole life.”


Furniture, mid-century style

“I don’t live in the house I grew up in as it was demolished a few years ago. I miss it and miss the memories that came with it, but I’m happier now. Life was really hard back then, but now I have a job here life is good.”


Furniture, mid-century style

“We’re about 45 minutes from Ho Chi Minh city. Land prices have gone up recently, so people who own a lot are getting rich. I don’t have much land, so I won’t get rich. But I own my own house so it’s fine – and it’s much nicer than my old one!”


Giāo sands the legs of our Scandinavian and mid-century designs.

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