Do you have a hobby?

Girdhari is a lovely, personable man, and a natural with the camera. “I’m a photographer”, realising why he’s so comfortable being photographed, we all start to laugh. “I’m a wedding photographer on the side. Weddings are filled with such a sense of promise. I love to capture that.”


pouffe, contemporary style in blue and white

 Block-printed dhurries have their patterns printed on them in a special kind of clay that Gidhari washes off, revealing the brilliance of their patterns. “I’m always mesmerised by the patterns when they appear,” he says. “And in the summertime, it’s so nice and cool in here. That’s an added bonus.”


pouffe, contemporary style in blue and white

 “My favourite person in the whole world is my wife.” He says, beaming at us. “She’s a security guard so she’s pretty strong.” He winks. “But not as strong as me.”

Girdhari Lal, 35, artisan dhurrie washer

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