Guddu, 22 – carpenter.

“People assume I’m cheeky because I laugh a lot. I guess I am, but I have a lot of insights to share and I think a fair bit of wisdom for my years.”



“I have a passion for carpentry. I found this out when I was 15 and think I’m lucky to know what my path is. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 2014 appeal – Make in India – is about reinvigorating domestic production and skill. There’s a huge proportion of India’s population that are still deciding on their career paths. I want to inspire them.”



Guddu wears two tattoos on either arm; they represent the Hindu Gods Hanuman and Shiva. Religion is very important to him and this way, they can accompany him everywhere.


Guddu is a carpenter who works on pieces including our industrial-style Orson stools

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