What do you think about while you work?

Gyani is cheerful, smiling, laughing, and waggling her head in the customary Indian way to indicate that everything is okay. “I think about my children,” she says. “I wonder how they’re doing at school and if they’ll be successful.” She smiles at us, eyes wide. “Just like all mothers!”


Rug, contemporary style in yellow and white

Family is important to Gyani, and she continues to talk about them as she sews the binding stitch around the edge of a Lombard rug. “My children are always asking me – why are you so happy?” She laughs. “It’s true. I’m always happy. My husband says I don’t stop talking. I tell them it’s because I’m satisfied, with everything.”


Rug, contemporary style in yellow and white

The red mark where Gyani parts her hair, the dot on her forehead, and the red bracelets around her wrists, all indicate that she’s married. “I’m happy with my husband,” she tells us, becoming a little coy. “He’s always with me. He cares for me a lot. At home, when I’m singing Devotional songs, he sings with me.”

Gyani Devi, 45, finishing artisan

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