Hai, 32 – head of QC.

“I’m pretty keen on history. I like the Hung Kings,” he says of the kings who ruled Vietnam from 2879 BC. “I’ve memorised all their names. But if I could live in any time, I would want to live under Ho Chi Minh. That would be an honour.”


Furniture, mid-century style

“I’ve been here for 10 years, starting in the packing and loading department, moving up to doing some quality control, and now I’m head of the whole QC section.”


Furniture, mid-century style

“The customer is god, so anything they want, we’ll do. The most stressful part of my job is when the customer comes in to see the product. But I learn a lot every time. It’s actually really important to be relaxed when you’re checking a product. You need a sharp eye. If you are stressed, you’re less able to spot problems.”

Hai is the head of QC in the workshop where our mid-century-style Felix and Mimi collections are crafted

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