Hanh – tracing the Mimi shape.

“My parents were expecting a girl so when I was born, they gave me a girl’s name. I got teased a bit at school because of my name, so I started trying to make everybody laugh. I was as nice to them as possible and it worked – after a few months no-one teased me anymore.”


Furniture, mid-century style

“I always try to be as welcoming as possible, to everyone I meet. I was the first to make friends with a new Danish guy working in the QC team – now we play football together on a Saturday afternoon. I don’t care about age or where you’re from.”


Furniture, mid-century style

Before Hanh leaves, he takes our hands in both of his. “I wish you happiness and good fortune. For the business, and for your personal life.”

Hanh works on our mid-century style Mimi sofas, armchairs, footstools and pouffes.

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