What’s been your biggest challenge in life so far?

Hariram looks up at the ceiling, the universal sign for thinking. The thought grasped, he turns his gaze on us. “Trying to find a good husband for my sister. She wanted to get married so much.” He explains. “And then I found someone perfect for her. I introduced them, and in a month, they’ll be married.”


Side table, industrial style

Hariram works in the finishing section in the workshop where he sprays the tabletops for our Sullivan side tables and media units with sealer. “We call ourselves the spray men,” he tells us. “I love the feel of the sealer as it comes out of the gun, to watch it coat the surface, making sure I never miss a spot.”


Side table, industrial style

We ask him if holding the spray gun ever reminds him of being a child, playing with his toys. He laughs. “A little. I miss being a child,” he muses. “I think I would enjoy being a child again. There’s so much freedom in being a child. I realise that now when I see my own.”

Hariram, 30, finishing artisan

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