Harry Worth – lead in-house designer.
6 years ago · London · 3 min read

Harry Worth – lead in-house designer.

“I remember the day that my first Swoon design sold out – the Ando. It’s been the most rewarding day for me so far. It’s a piece that I’d sketched a couple of years ago but I’d never been able to develop it. I have more freedom here. Calculated risk is encouraged. It was a welcome relief to know that the Swoon Editions customer base like my work.”



As our lead designer, Harry creates pieces that our suppliers couldn’t otherwise deliver. “I’ve always been creative and studying product and furniture design at Ravensbourne university has given me a platform to build my career. After that I worked in Vietnam for a number of years working alongside global furniture retailers. I eventually picked up Vietnamese but often found the best way for me to communicate was through my drawings.”



“Swoon Editions and I found each other by chance. Debbie got in touch with a personal trainer when she was living in Vietnam and he was a mate of mine. The first time we met was playing in a touch rugby tournament for the Thao Dien Thunder – an expat team I started. A few months later, I was part of Swoon Editions. I’d describe working here as intense, challenging, and free.”



Harry is known in the office for never being without his ruler. “Everyone teases me about how much I measure things around the office. But the hardest thing with my job is that I’m designing products with details that I don’t get to see until the sample stage, and sometimes not at all. It’s incredibly important that what I’m drawing will undoubtedly look good. I’ve been doing it for years but I always like to physically see something to scale. Whatever I draw on screen, I seek out a scale reference to measure it in person. I’m not bonkers, it’s a necessity. They still take the mick though. They’re doing it as we do this interview.”


From mid-century sofas and contemporary desks to modern country media units, discover some of Harry’s designs.

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